avert your eyes

Warning -- If you have a weak stomach, avert your eyes. Do NOT read today's post. At all. Not even a little bit.

I had a great idea for today. But my great idea turned out like this:

Before you say anything...I KNOW this is not "my style." It's my mom's. When I was growing up, my mom would make sugar cookies for Valentine's Day. And they were HUGE. And they were covered in butter cream frosting. In a very good way. Not like like this cookie at all. In fact, imagine the opposite of this cookie, and that is probably closer to the kind of cookie my mom made on Valentine's Day.  And since I want to be a good mom too, I thought that I would make butter cream frosting cookies for MY little boy on Valentine's Day.

I'm not exactly one of those "lesson learned" kind of people. You will never catch me saying, "Well, I learned my lesson on that one. I am never going to do this silly thing that I just tried and it didn't work and now I feel foolish again." Because I know better. I am totally going to do it again. And feel foolish.  Again.  You know, like piping.

Enter exhibit A. (And Wesley is totally a code name. A code name that he likes so much that he wants me to write it on his Valentine's cookie. I'm probably lying. But maybe I just told you that so you would think -without any degree of certainty- that I may or may not be telling the truth.) And I feel compelled to tell you that all those weird spots in the pink frosting are bits of strawberries. Because for some reason, I thought my 3 year old would appreciate REAL strawberry flavor on his Valentine cookie.

I actually scrapped this project. TWICE. And then came back to it. TWICE. Because, he's THREE. He doesn't understand why he can't have cookies because his self-conscious mother is worried about what her imaginary friends on the internet might think.

So I put them on a stick and threw in some brightly colored paper and sprinkled it with magic love dust and...okay, forget about the magic love dust. But, you can imagine how much better these would look if I HAD sprinkled them with magic love dust. Right guys? Guys?

And then because I still have a desire for him to think I'm great --  I stuck even more cookies in the bucket after taking the picture. And he was happy. And he told me that I was the best mother in the world for spending hours in the kitchen and overcoming my own insecurities just so that I could give my love to him in sugar form on Valentine's Day.

Actually, no, no he didn't. He didn't say anything at all in fact. 

He couldn't. His mouth was full of cookie.

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