season confusion

I actually intended this to be more of a winter design. I mean -- there are SNOWFLAKES on these cookies. And everyone knows that SNOWFLAKES = WINTER.  The conflict comes with my color choice. I don't think I've ever seen a springier green. It has reached deep into my id and is now laying siege. With this one cookie design I am officially saying goodbye to winter and looking forward to spring. Yikes. That came a little early this year.

I know what you are thinking. Probably something along the lines of -- Id? What is that supposed to mean? I'll tell you. Its some Freudian thing I learned about in high school psychology. So, you know, that means I'm an expert and all. Actually, I only remember the name from high school, and I had to look up the details. ( I'm sorry Mr. High-School-Psychology-Teacher.) Basically the id is a collection of all my impulses, instincts and desires.

Which means I have to make spring cookies now. I have no choice. I hope you understand.

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