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Back to School Backpack Cookies

Can we talk? I mean, is it safe here? You've all got my back, right? You're not going to turn me in to some kind of agency that people turn other people in to, are you?

Look -- it's about this whole going-to-school thing. You've all got me a bit nervous  I mean, my little man still has another year before he is of kindergarten attending age. I haven't even thought about it...until I started rambling around the blogosphere and apparently, when my child goes to school he will come back as some mutated form of himself that has a driver's license and no longer wants to lie under blankets giggling and reading stories with his mother all afternoon.

See, here's the thing. Just two days ago, he said to me, "When I'm big like Daddy, you can still cuddle me." And I plan on holding him to that. Especially now. I mean, it's on the internet. That's totally binding, right? So...I'm just wondering if I should be starting anti-behavior modification tactics now, or if I should just wait until he goes to school and then bribe him into thinking I'm still cooler than the kid with the skateboard and mustache that he sits next to in class. Because if its the first option, I'm probably going to have to put in some kind of mail order and there's no telling how long that will take. And I can't handle waiting for a solution to this almost immediate problem that I didn't have yesterday.

Oooh, and THEN on top of all that -- I have to worry about whether or not he will have any friends. And if kids will be nice to him. And if he's going to be short for his age.  And if he will actually eat the lunch I packed for him. And if he's going to start saying words that aren't even real words just because other kids say them. Wait, actually, he makes up his own words now, so that one will probably be okay. But the rest of those things are going to keep me up late at night trying to figure out Pinterest just so I can block out the emotional wreckage this monstrosity called "school" has left behind. Either that, or I'll just make some cookies and lie under a blanket giggling and reading stories with a little boy while I can.


Camille said...

I think you need to take a DEEP breath and relax. . . you won't lose him all at once. (o: You could always home school.

Lorraine said...

LilaLoa - I totally feel like I am at the same place you are with my son. He has one more year before Kindergarten and I too, feel freaked out by the same back to school posts I have been reading. Also some of his friends are a couple of months older and are starting kindergarten this year so I feel like that has got me thinking about school more. And I don't know why kindergarten has to be a whole day now - when I went to kindgergarten it was a half a day long!

Jenny said...

We did kindergarten last year and, while my son is every bit as sweet and loving, there have been . . . some changes. But you are ahead of the game knowing what they might be! I, on the other hand, spent months wondering why my child -- who reads on middle school level -- occasionally substituted ME for I. As in, "Me want to go play now." Or, as in, how someone -- I don't know who -- might say, "Me want cookies." Except my son wasn't giving a funny impression; he was using this cutesy voice (shudder).

About 8 months into the school year, we invited over his friend N; and lo and behold, N uses this cutesy voice (shudder) and starts his sentences with "me."

NOW me understand.

LilaLoa said...

Don't worry CAMILLE -- I breathed at least 3 times.

Lorraine -- FULL DAY kindergarten? You've got to be kidding me? What? They think I'm full of emotion to spend?

Jenny -- That's seriously hilarious. And it would totally have driven me crazy! Good thing you figured it out.

The Vanilla Bean Baker said...

*...than the kid with the skateboard and mustache that he sits next to in class.* This post was hilarious and your backpack cookies are just adorable.

CookieD-oh said...

I was in the same boat as you when my little man started kindergarden. He made it through relatively unscathed. Then came first grade and "Clarence" who informed my boy that only babies say "Mommy" and "Daddy". So now we're "Mom and Dad". I guess it could have been worse, an I certainly didn't expect to be Mommy forever. However, we have made it perfectly clear to the three year old that we are Mommy and Daddy to her at least until she starts school. :-)

Sue said...

Ah, the bittersweet emotions of watching our children grow up:) I am now watching my grandchildren start school(yep, all day K!) and it's a little easier this time around, though now I KNOW how FAST it flies by! Give your little guy lots of hugs and kisses! XO
Sweet post. I LOVE your backpack cookies...that's how big they seem on the little ones:)

Karen - Trilogy Edibles said...

so cute and I know how you feel. Except Abby starts first grade on Thursday eek. I'm sure he'll do great when the time comes!

Nisson Family said...

I love these. They look so adorable! They remind me of the little kids on their first day of school. Their backpacks are usually so big these days! :)

Love them

Emily said...

My own little man went to kindergarten for the first time this week. I would love to say all of those irrational fears will not keep you up at night...but I can't. I can say, however, that there is a cute little man in Korea with the best personality I know that will handle school just fine.