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the cake

So...a cake, huh? It's been awhile since I made a cake. Days and days and days. When I see this cake, I think of two things.

First, I LOVE my 5 petal veiner. Love it. I know that "veiner" is technically not a word. How can I forget when spell check tells me to stop using it every time I type it? It doesn't matter, I still love that wonderful piece of silicone that makes cakes like this possible.

Second, I wonder if I will ever get the pink tinge out of my extruder. What? Apparently "extruder" is not a word either. I don't believe it... Okay, I just checked it out (on if you want to know) and IT IS a word. Take that blogger spell check. You are wrong. And I am right. And my extruder is still stained pink after this cake.

Anyone want to see my design sketch? No? Stop reading then. And don't scroll down. Unless you want to see the other posts. In that case, just blink kind of long while you are scrolling and you will probably miss the design sketch.

As a side note, I never really intended to have the bottom layer as tall as my sketch. I just can't draw. My cakes don't usually turn out so close to the sketch. And by sketch, I mean, the vision in my head. Because I usually DON'T do a design sketch. But I should. I bet my cakes would look better if I did. Either that, or I would get better at drawing.


Meghan @ Domestic Sugar said...

Yeah, I really hate blogger spell-check. I'm Canadian, and everything is wrong with our language. Stupid Us and Es... this cake is lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Manni said...

This is gorgeous! I love the colours: ) said...

I really love this cake and I love that you show us the sketch and some of your techniques and tools you used to make it. Would you mind sharing which extruder gun you have? I have one and it really stinks - wondering if I'm using it wrong. Also what brand/colors you used to get the shades of pink on this cake? It's really so beautiful, I'd love to try to make it someday. I saw one similar to it on Cakejournal a while back. :o) BTW - totally understand if you don't want to give away your trade secrets - so tell me to MYOB! LOL! :o)

lilaloa said...

I don't mind sharing anything! I have a Walnut Hollow extruder. The only negative thing about it is that I would like it to be a little bigger. But that's because I use it all. the. time. I love it!
I used Wilton pink and a tiny bit of Wilton brown for the lighter pink colors, and then mixed in varying amounts of white fondant to make it lighter. The darker pink was made with Wilton pink, Wilton burgundy, and a tiny bit of Americolor electric purple. And maybe a tiny bit of red. I can't remember. I had kind of a hard time getting the exact shade I wanted. And I'm picky about that. :)
If you make a cake like this, make sure you do your flowers a day or two ahead to let them dry. And don't let your fondant for the ropes on the top get dry at all. Or you will have those edge cracks like I do!

Glora said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!

Haniela said...

What a gorgeous cake!