How To Make Decorated Buttercream Unicorn Sugar Cookies

Learn how to make some magical unicorn decorated sugar cookies with this buttercream cookie decorating tutorial!! 

Pink and purple unicorn decorated chocolate sugar cookies

Wait! Stop! Don't click away.

You're in the right spot.


Unless you're looking for an Irish coat making museum.

(And not for nothing, but Google took you on some weird back alley detour if that is what you were hoping for here.)

This **IS** LilaLoa...the cookie decorating blog. You know, the one with deep colors and weird stories and a elventy-jillion  royal icing cookie tutorials.

But just for a minute....can we talk about buttercream?

There are so many different cookie decorating mediums. Some people use fondant. There is also  glaze, edible glaze molding clay, royal icing, rolled buttercream, and buttercream. You can paint food color  on plain cookies and you can even decorate cookies play dough style using colored cookie dough!!!

I think it's no secret that decorating with royal icing is kind of my jam.

But at the same time there's buttercream.

And that kind of is like jam. It's delicious and I want to eat it by the spoonful.

I really like the way that buttercream tastes on a chocolate sugar cookie. I really really like it. I like it more than gel pens and jeweled up spokes on the back wheel on a one speed bicycle, and don't be mad...but I also like it more than watermelon in the summer. And...that's A LOT.

But I also really like the way that  royal icing settles out to be so incredibly smooth. The quiet, steady glassing over of the entire surface of the royal icing as it begins to set nurtures MY SOUL.

So now I have to decide between nurturing my soul and eating buttercream by the spoonful?!

How is is a person supposed to make a decision like that? I guess the only choice is to not choose between them to do both.

So I have a question for you --

How do YOU feel about buttercream cookies?

 Would you like to see more buttercream cookie decorating tutorials? Or should I just stick with the royal icing tutorials?

See how I made the buttercream unicorn in this video tutorial.

This is a crusting buttercream. That means that flat(ish) designs will dry firm enough to be packaged and stacked. Delicate flowers or designs with thin edges won't stack/package as well. 


Get the cutters HERE or grab the cutters and the sprinkle mix together HERE.

Grab my tutorial for whole body unicorn sugar cookies here. 

See how to make unicorn face decorated cookies here. 

Check out how to make rainbow icing to simplify unicorn cookies here.


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