How To Make Decorated Sheep or Lamb Sugar Cookies for Easter

Learn how to make some adorable and fun sheep or lamb decorated sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!!  

simple and fun decorated Easter sugar cookies

I never know how to explain what I do to people. When they ask, I usually tell them something super clever like -  "Stuff." But since people typically don't understand all the details and nuances that I've associated with that word throughout the entire history of my existence, it usually requires a follow up along the lines of, "I make cookies every day of my life."

Which...WEIRDLY...seems to confuse them just as much as my original answer.

So then, being the very thoughtful of other people's confusion kind of person that I am, I have to try it again.

Easy and fun decorated Easter sugar cookies - bunnies, lamb, sheep, chicks, eggs, and carrots
"You know, sugar cookies. The decorated your grandma used to make. Actually, not like your grandma used to make. Mine are actually chocolate. And they taste like brownies.'m definitely still talking about decorated sugar cookies even though I just said the words 'chocolate' and 'brownies' to describe them. They are kind of like cartoons made out of sugar? That you eat? That's what I do. I make cartoons made out of sugar that call themselves cookies but might actually also be mistaken for brownies. "

And somehow THAT makes more sense to them?

Honestly, it confuses me just to think it.  I think it's pretty clear that "stuff" is the real winning answer here.

And also these cookies. Because...sugar.

step by step lamb or sheep chocolate sugar cookie decorating tutorial

How to make lamb or sheep decorated sugar cookies: 

Step 1.

Place a small circle cutter in the center of the cookie. Trace with a food color marker.

Step 2.

Use a medium consistency taupe colored icing to outline and fill the circle...leaving off the very top edge of it. Don't worry about what will certainly be a very wonky top edge. You'll cover it later.

Step 3.

Pipe a blob of icing on each side of the face for ears. Use the tip of your icing to pull the blob toward the center of the cookie. Let dry for an hour.

Step 4. 

Give the sheep a beard. I mean...'ve got to admit that's what it looks like. Outline and fill the bottom part of the cookie with a medium consistency white icing and a #3 tip. Take a minute to imagine what George Washington would look like if he had been a sheep. And then let your icing dry for another hour. Or overnight if you've got stuff to do. This bearded sheep is going nowhere.

Step 5. 

Add some puffy sheep hair with the same white icing. The key to making it look "cute and puffy" and not "bedhead puffy nest of hair" is to exaggerate the outline. Bring the inside points in much further than you want them to end up. When you fill the center with icing, it will push those points out...right where you want them.

Add a tiny little nose with blue icing. (You could also do pink if that's more your thing.) For noses, I like to pipe a short line for the top of the nose and use a scribe tool or toothpick to pull the icing down into a point. Let dry for at least 15 minutes. (If you live somewhere humid, make sure the face icing has had at least 8 hours to dry before moving on to Step 6.)

Step 6. 

Use a black food color markers to add eyes and the nose detail. Pipe some swirly lines all over the place to make everything look fluffy and cute. Because evvvvvvveryone knows that sheep are always fluffy and cute and there is never ever another option. The end.

See it all in action here. (And be sure to watch through to the end...or just skip see my hint about exaggerated piping.)



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