Paint With Water PYOs?!

I have lots of ideas. Sometimes they are BRILLIANT AMAZING ideas that just appear in my life in a cloud of sparkly thoughts like a veritable genie from a bottle. Sometimes they are COLOSSAL FAILURE ideas that bring tears and ice cream eating on the floor of the closet... (and also valuable insights if we are being completely honest.) But sometimes...I just have regular old ideas that are neither good or bad. This is one of those ideas.

I actually made these cookies over a month ago. And thought it was brilliant. But before I had even finished that sentence...I thought that maybe it was a ridiculous idea. And then a few days later, I changed my mind. But changed it back again before I had gotten around to editing the photos. And then I repeated that entire process ad nauseam for the last three weeks. And now here we are...on Easter Eve...and I still can't decide if it's a good idea or not. So I'm just putting it out there and letting you decide -- PAINT WITH WATER Paint Your Own Cookies.

1. Flood an entire cookie with white icing. Make it as smooth as possible and let it dry overnight.
2. Place a PYO stencil over the cookie and spread thick black icing over the stencil. Remove the stencil and allow ot dry completely.
3. Use food color markers to outline each block of the design.
4. These cookies just need water and a paintbrush to complete the palette necessary.

So here's what I'm thinking ---

Pros: I love that these cookies only use water. My kids are expert-level mess-makers...but all they end up with when painting these cookies is a wet paper towel. I also love the soft water color look.

Cons: The colors aren't super vivid. Kids (or adults. These are CRAZY therapeutic to do yourself.) don't get to choose where to put each color.

What do YOU THINK?!



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