How to Make Decorated Buttercream Easter Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make decorated Easter sugar cookies with buttercream!!

Decorated buttercream Easter sugar cookies - basket, egg, bunny, bunny prints and carrot cookies


What did that say up there? 

Did that say BUTTERCREAM?!



I sent out a survey in January of this year, and as it turns out... a surprising number of you are jumping on the buttercream decorating band wagon...train...thing. And I kind of love it! I mean... there's always room for more sugar in my book!

Buttercream cookies are awesome because they taste amazing and there is a rustic-ness that is inherent in the very nature of buttercream. And I'm not a dictionary or anything but I'm pretty sure that rustic is the exact opposite of flawless. And I'm all about anything that let's me decorate with reckless abandon.

If you want to make your own buttercream that tastes like the most amazing sugar creation that ever existed in the history of ever...check out my SALTWATER BUTTERCREAM RECIPE but you can totally use frosting you get from the grocery store if you are short on time. (I won't judge your sugar.) You might need to add some powdered sugar to keep it from being a little sticky though.

Watch this video to see how I made all these fun Easter cookies!

This is a crusting buttercream. That means that flat(ish) designs will dry firm enough to be packaged and stacked. Delicate flowers or designs with thin edges won't stack/package as well. 


Get the supplies: Basket, Carrot, Egg, Bunny, Bunny Print Heart, and #233 grass tip.

Make BUNNY BUM COOKIES -- with royal icing OR buttercream!!  

Learn the *non* cheater way to pipe basket weave with these BUTTERCREAM EASTER BASKET COOKIES from The Partiologist.


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