How to Make Your Own Sprinkle Mixes!!

Between you and me... how many containers of sprinkles you do *really* own?

You don't have to say the number out loud...but don't forget to count that "other" box of sprinkles that nobody else knows about. You know...the one you hid in the back of the closet to make yourself feel better about the sprinkles in the box in the front of the closet. And even if we're finally giving those back-of-the-closet sprinkles the love they really's just not the same now that there are FANCY SPRINKLE MIXES on the market, right??!! But don't despair. I've got a fool-proof (ish) system so YOU can use up those "hidden" gems to make your very own fancy sprinkle mixes in just minutes. Or hours. It's actually harder to stop making mixes than I originally thought.

Are you ready for this?

I call it my 3 Rules of Threes. (Because I'm so clever like that.) Every good sprinkle mix should have 3 colors, 3 shapes, and 3 sizes.


3 COLORS: This one sounds deceptively simple. Just kidding. It actually is simple. You need at least 3 colors. Neutrals like white, silver, gold, and black can either count as a color or not. It's your choice. If you need a color that you don't have, you can custom color your sprinkles. Place white jimmies or sugar pearls in a ziplock bag and add a few drops of food coloring. (My color charts are SUPER helpful for mixing custom colors blind like this.) Shake the bag like you're getting paid for it until all the sprinkles are the same color. Spread them out on a paper towel to dry for a few hours or overnight before adding them to your mix.

3 SHAPES: Sugar pearls and jimmies are by far the most common and easiest shapes to find. I mean... they sell them at the grocery store. Since it can be trickier to find, I like to start most of my mixes with the odd shape first. Seasonal sprinkles like these trees are great for their unique shapes. You can also find fun shaped sprinkles in every color in the cake decorating aisle at Michael's.

3 SIZES: Whatever shapes and colors you've chosen, make sure that you have at least 3 different sizes of sprinkles in your mix. The different sizes create interest as they nestle under and between each other. You don't have to add 3 sizes of the SAME sprinkle just need to make sure that you have a wide range of sizes.

The 3 Rules of Threes are more guideline than rules. This NYE set is technically made of only neutrals and no colors. But it works. It has more than 3 shapes. But it works. More shapes is definitely better than less shapes. (Just don't get carried away and throw in eleventy million shapes. Then it will just look like someone didn't clean up after a late night sugar party.)

I would LOVE to see the mixes you create!! Snap a picture and tag me on Instagram or post in on my FB page!!


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