12 Days of Giving with LilaLoa and Sweet Sugarbelle -- Day 1

I love decorating cookies. And I love the people that decorate cookies. And the people that ask me questions and answer my questions. I love the emails and the comments and the crazy karaoke pajama parties. I love being a part of it all. This cookie hobby and the world of wonderful people that surround it have gotten me through the good years and the bad days. You've been with me when I lived on the other side of the world and through my move back to my home country with three children and 4 suitcases and a stroller that was lost forever to the deep abyss of airport security. You've kept me entertained late into the night and encouraged me early in the mornings. You are my sunshine and my silver linings. And I know that Callye of The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle agrees with me completely when I say that I would not be the person I am today without all of you. So it is with great satisfaction and anticipation that I bring you--

The Third Annual

It's my favorite time of year!!! And I hope you guys are ready for this because we have a CRAZY FANTASTIC line up of giveaways this year!!! A new giveaway will be posted on either my blog or over at Sweet Sugarbelle (or both!) for the next 12 days!! Each giveaway will be live for only 3 days so we can (hopefully!) get you your good stuffs before Christmas. Follow us on IG and/or FB to make sure you don't miss a giveaway! Ready?!

On the first day of giving, LilaLoa and Sugarbelle bring to you...

A giant basket of goodness from Ann Clark Cookie Cutters. (Did you know their cutters are 100% made in the USA?!) Basket includes--

* 9 Make More Cookie Cookie Cutters (Bird, Dog Biscuit, Christmas Tree, Cross, Frog, Gown, Shamrock, Gingerbread House Kit, Mitten)
*7 Plain Cookie Cutters (Heart, Candy Cane, Happy Gingerbread Boy, Star, Princess Crown, Snowflake, Oval Plaque)
*Red and Green Write on Gels
*Christmas and Red Heart Sprinkles
*6 Seasonal Note Cards designed by Ann Clark herself

To enter, just click that Easy Entry button below! Earn even more entries by visiting Ann Clark or sharing with a friend! Giveaway ends at midnight on December 4, 2016. Good luck!!

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