How To Make Decorated Stencil Centerpiece Cookies

Decorated Halloween Sugar Cookie Tutorial

We live in the golden era of cookie decorating. For decades, cookie decorators have had to improvise with tools originally designed and created for cake decorators. And we've done a pretty awesome job of it, if I do say so myself. BUT NO MORE!! Our cookie decorators are all grown up and creating product FOR cookie decorators, BY cookie decorators!!! It's fantastic you guys!! In a really sappy way, it just makes my heart happy to see this hobby, this passion become an actual way of life; an industry unto itself. I feel like every new product conceived, designed, and manufactured only strengthens the base of this decorating community.

It's the perfect answer for every person who has ever given you that knowing look while condescendingly saying something like, "Hmm. I see. So what do you plan to do with this little hobby of yours?" (Because how ADORABLE is it that we have a hobby?)

And as a community, we are quickly becoming our OWN solutions! Seriously, have I mentioned how awesome we are?! I love you guys.

The Plaque Blockers from Stencibelle are my new favorite toy. I love the look of all those fancy invitations on Etsy...and now I can create the same look on cookies! See the simplest use for these plaque blockers in this video.

And I *wish* I would have filmed this cookie too, because I know you're going to ask. But if we're being honest, I was really afraid it would be a total failure and I really wanted it to succeed and I kind of felt like if I filmed would be doomed just because I wanted it to be amazing. So... I made it in secret. (What??!! Who does that?!)

Let me walk you through it with actual words --  I put the plaque blocker on the center of the cookie just like in the video. And put the stripe stencil on top, again, just like the video. But then...see that rectangle blocker over there on the right? I used that to cover the top half of the cookie while I sprayed the stripe stencil.

I carefully removed the stripe stencil, while leaving the plaque blocker on the cookie. Then I let the bottom half dry before moving on and it was very nearly the end of me because I'm super impatient like that.

10 minutes later, I put a polka-dot stencil over the cookie with the plaque blocker still on it and this time I covered the bottom half (striped) of the cookie with the rectangle blocker and sprayed polka dots all over my cookie.

I removed the stencil and all the blockers and pretty much had a masterpiece on my hands. But then I had to add actual words. And the purple piping around the center. And because I could, I added that orange line too.

If you're still confused, check out THIS VIDEO Belle made to explain it better!!

So now that I've made this post unnecessarily complicated, how about a reward for making it this far?? Belle of Stencibelle wants to give TWO of you the chance to try these out for yourself!! And on top of that -- you can use the code LILALOA10 to save 10% off the entire selection of Stenci-Blockers from now until Friday!! Just use the EASY ENTRY button below before midnight on Friday, October 28, 2016 to enter to win one Square Plaque Pack!!

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