Fantastic Find: Wilton's Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser

I know this week's Fantastic Find isn't as cookie-centric as most of the other finds, and I almost didn't post it. But the truth is... I love the PERFECT FILL dispenser so much I couldn't help myself. And it kind of has a cookie use...

It's basically an all-in-one coupler and tip designed just for dispensing batter. Like cupcake batter or pancake batter (or putting FLOOD ICING into a bottle!!!!) It's kind of hard to see in the picture but the purple tip of the dispenser is a piece of thick-ish silicone cut in a star pattern. (It might not be silicone. I actually have no idea what it is made out of. It could be rubber. I am not an expert on man-made materials. Do not judge me. It's purple. I know that for sure.)

You put it together like you would any other coupler/tip set. Put the base into a piping bag and screw the dispenser cap on snugly. I used a giant piping bag I purchased in South Korea, but THIS GIANT piping bag would be perfect. Or... if you're a no washing is good washing type of person, try THESE DISPOSABLE bags. The key is to use a bag that is at least 16 inches so you can fit the entire cake mix in at one time. I actually put the piping bag inside a clean drink pitcher to help it stand up as I poured the cupcake mix into the bag.

And then I tried for a million years to take a picture that didn't look like badness. And I failed. And then I grabbed an image from Wilton. You know, because we are friends like that. (I hope.) Pretty much once it's filled you just squeeze when you want the batter to come out and don't squeeze when you want it to stop.

I was actually surprised that it didn't leak. Not even a little bit. And it didn't require my entire lifetime of hand muscles to get the batter out either. My girls could do it. You know, with a little guidance to make sure it actually got IN to the cupcake liners instead of the in their mouths or on the floor. My girls and I make a ridiculous amount of cupcakes at this house. Especially for someone who doesn't even like cupcakes. (Mostly because of THIS BOOK.) And this little gem has changed our cupcake world. Yes, it requires that I wash my piping bag and the dispenser...but compared to 4 spoons, 2 muffin tins, 3 little sets of faces, clothes, and hair AND my kitchen counters? It's a dream come true.

You could use a regular piping bag without a tip to do something similar, but it would still be pretty messy because you would have to catch the batter from coming out between cupcake liners. And I don't know how you would stop it from just spilling out the tip as you are pouring the batter into the piping bag.

I will also probably use this to fill bottles. I'm just awful at filling bottles with icing. Like, if there was an award for The Worst Bottle Filler Ever, I would have 3 years worth of trophies on my mantle. (Is that where trophies go? I don't even know. I would have to build them their own display case I suppose.) But this would make it super easy to fill up 4-5 bottles with flood icing all at the same time. Oooh...speaking of which. I don't think it would work with a thicker piping icing. You could probably pull it off with a 15 count, but anything thicker than that would just be too difficult to squeeze out of the tip.

Bottom Line: I would buy this again. In fact, I will buy it (along with a giant pastry bag) for all my friends who bake with their children. Or who like clean kitchens because they never got messy in the first place. The $3-$5 price tag is definitely worth NOT cleaning in my book!

Want to try it? Just click that Easy Entry button below for a chance to win the Perfect Fill Dispenser AND a giant pastry bag to go with it. Giveaway ends at midnight on Friday, May 20, 2016.

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What do YOU think? Have you tried it? Do you love it or hate it?

Can't wait to see if you've won? You can buy it HERE. And a GIANT PASTRY BAG HERE.

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