How to Make Decorated Sailboat Cookies

Do you remember those "sound" CDs from the early 90's? You could buy a CD that was nothing but rain on a rooftop or wind in the desert. Sometimes they had music...sometimes they didn't. I loved those things. I would listen to the entire soundtrack and pretend like I was somewhere else. Although, I'm not really sure why I would ever have wanted to pretend that I was in the desert in a windstorm. From what I can tell from my cinematic research....windstorms in the desert can bury you in like 7 seconds. And then camels eat your hair. And I like my hair. I don't want it to be eaten.

Ironically, the one CD I *didn't* like was a sailboat CD. You've got to understand -- I love sailboats. I used to practically live my life on them. I taught people how to sail. I took people on sailing trips. I raced sailboats. I built sailboats. I cleaned sailboats. I slept on sailboats. (Life is so weird, isn't it?!) And the snap of the canvas and the chink of the rigging as it hits the mast is a sound that rivals even my Little Pea saying, "COZY ME!" when she wants me to hold her. But the CD was never as good as the real thing.

Unlike these cookies. They taste WAY BETTER than a real sailboat. I guarantee it. I'm pretty sure I've decorated every possible sailboat cutter in existence. So I've moved past actual sailboat cutters and into the "How can I make a sailboat from the cutters I still haven't put away" phase. It's not always a pretty sight. Especially after Halloween. Have you guessed what cutter(s) I used for these boats yet?

1. It's an Easter egg! Use the bottom of a heart cutter to take just a little notch out of the top of the egg cookie before baking.
2. Outline and fill the bottom part of the boat with blue icing.
3. While the icing is still wet, add 3 drops of pink icing to the hull of the boat. Immediately add 3 more drops of gray icing on top of the pink icing. Let it dry for an hour.
4. Use thick white icing and a #2 tip to pipe a line for a mast.
5. (I do not know what I was thinking when I laid these cookies out for a picture! So sorry!) Use medium consistency white icing to outline and fill the main sail. Let it dry for 5 minutes.
6. Outline and fill the second sail with the same medium consistency white icing. Let it dry for a couple of hours (or overnight).
7. Add details like stripes, stars, and a flag with medium consistency pink icing and a #2 tip. (When I pipe stars... I just make a dot of icing and then use a scribe or toothpick to pull out 5 points.)


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