Fantastic Find: The Cookie Architect Puzzle

I love that in this crazy-technology driven world some of the most primitive relaxation activities are coming back into vogue. And by that I mean....I no longer have to be embarrassed to admit that although I am a fully functioning adult, I still like coloring and puzzles. And candy. And sleeping.

And this "Edible Garden" Springbok Puzzle made from cookies created by The Cookie Architect is the best of all my worlds put together. It's cookies without calories. It's colors and textures and patterns. I love picking out which pieces were made with the same color of icing and trying to guess which layer came first. I can justify spending hours staring at all the details that make Rebecca's cookies incredible. And I can do it with my kids. (Or without my kids. If I'm having one of *those* days. You know those days. They usually end with either tears or ice cream. Sometimes both.)

Also...this puzzle is only 500 pieces. Which is kind of my favorite puzzle size because it doesn't take an entire life time to put together. Because who has one of those just lying around? I certainly do not. I have exactly one lifetime to use and between cookies and's about full up. I have enough extra space to put this puzzle together and make one half of a phone call. (Let me just apologize right here and now to EVERYONE who has ever called me since my Little P was born. Maybe try again when she's 12.)

Do you need one of these in YOUR HOUSE? (You know you do!!!) Enter to win one by clicking that "Easy Entry" button below! Giveaway ends at midnight on Friday, April 29, 2016.

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Can't wait to see if you win? You can get your own HERE. Or choose from ANY of The Cookie Architect Puzzles HERE. You won't be sorry.

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