Fantastic Find Friday -- Tri-Color Coupler

I'm actually not sure what brand came up with these TRI-COLOR COUPLERS to begin with. I've seen them all over being sold under different labels. I've wanted to try them since last spring when I made the camouflage cookies with....3 bags inside another bag.

You put the coupler inside a bag like any other coupler. Then you take 3 bags of icing and slide each one through a slot in the coupler.

Pull them firmly out through the tip and close the exterior bag with an elastic or clip to keep pressure on the interior bags. At this point, if you have a medium size tip (Normal cookie decorating tips like #1 or #3 are all small size tips. a 2D or a 1M are medium size tips.) I don't have a medium size tip that is I just didn't use a tip.

When you are ready to use the icing, cut the end off each of the interior bags and go for it. It took me about 7 seconds to make this brightly colored camouflage egg cookie. Although... I can't for the life of me come up with a scenario where a person would need a brightly colored camouflage egg cookie.

The inside (cream) part of the coupler actually comes apart into 3 pieces. I assume this is to make cleaning easier, but I'm not sure why it would be easier. The pieces come apart easily and go back together easily. But they aren't interlocking and they don't "snap" together, so I found it easiest to just push the pieces together and slide it into the bag and use the bag itself to keep them together. Once it was in the bag, I didn't have any problems with the pieces coming apart.

The icing I used to make the camouflage egg cookie was a flood consistency icing...which is very thin and the coupler really did keep the 3 colors separate. When I've tried this without the tri-color coupler, it was a little tricky to keep all the colors even and not have one of the interior bags slide up inside the exterior bag. I didn't have any problems at all when using the tri-color tip.

I would also really like to try using this tip with thick icing to make swirled candy cookies. I really wish I had a round medium size tip so I could try it out right now. But when I find one, you can be sure I'll let you know how it goes! And since it was designed to be used with butter cream...I'll probably be making some cupcakes know, for science.

Bottom Line: I would definitely buy this again. If you never use more than one color of icing at a time, this probably isn't a necessary purchase for you. But it's relatively inexpensive, and for camouflage cookies - it's INVALUABLE. And... it's kind of just fun to use.

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Have you used one? Tell me what you think! And while you're at it...tell me if there's anything else you want me to try out next week!

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