How to Make Decorated Aspen Bark Cookies

One time it snowed 2 feet in a day. And I spent my entire life shoveling. And I never got to do a single thing from my task list. Except the laundry. But that barely counts because it is on my task list every stinking day of my life. And all of my muscles hurt from that crazy shoveling. And I was hoping there would be some kind of winter dinner-fairy that would make food for my children while I cuddled up in a blanket watching a movie. As it turns out... that was just a rumor. Started by me.

I did, however, get to pick up my children from school on a sled. And all the other kids were jealous because they had to trudge through the knee high snow like regular people. So...I'm pretty sure I was "favorite parent" for at least an hour. You know, until I made them actually pick up their own things and put them away.

But I had big plans to convince them to love me again by giving them Christmas cookies. But I forgot ... because I was outside shoveling. Again. And again. And I didn't even really finish the laundry. I just put it in the dryer and pretended it was done so I could check SOMETHING off my list for today! And then I found a heat pack and a blanket and edited some cookie know... for YOU. Because I love you.



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