Decorated Winter Mitten Cookies

Remember how I was all "Oooh. It's too hot. I can't sleep. Why won't the heat go away? Winter will be so much fun?" WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME??!!! Why didn't you SAY something? It's freezing now. And I can't go outside. And it's dark all the time. And my children have caught some kind of I-hate-everyone-and-I'd-rather-scream-than-play-nicely-together bug. And it's not the 24 hour kind.

You know what DID make them happy though? It snowed last week. Enough to shovel and build a snowman and everything. While my two oldest were searching every corner of our house trying to find their snow pants and hats and mittens and scarves and an extra pair of socks and coats that *hopefully* still fit... my 4 year old disappeared. I finally found her outside. Making snow angels. In a dress and flip-flops. Clearly...mittens aren't her thing. But *I* kind of love them. Especially in cookie form!

1. First... make sure to flip a few of your cut-outs before baking so you'll have mittens for both sides! Then outline and fill most of the mitten with a medium consistency icing. Let it dry for a couple of hours.
2. Mix some brown food coloring with water. Dip a new, unused toothbrush in the brown water and flick it all over the mitten. You know...because it's fun. And also because it looks cool.
3. With thick white icing and a big ol' round tip (like a #8 or #9) pipe a zig-zag pattern across the bottom of the mitten to make the trim.
4. Pipe a snowflake on top or use a RI transfer...and you're done!

 Just as an interesting side note... I piped all 3 of these snowflakes with the same size tip. I just used different consistencies of icing... thick, medium, and thin.


Grab the mitten cookie cutter HERE.
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Find some tips for removing delicate RI transfers HERE.


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