Evolution of a Poppy Cookies

Sometimes I get a little wrapped up in cookies. Sometimes I can't stop thinking about them. I'll be walking through the grocery store and notice a snowflake pattern on a box of cookies and then completely zone out trying to remember if I have a cutter that would work for that pattern while simultaneously planning 4-5 more designs that would complete the set perfectly. I end up at home 20 minutes later with 3 jars of sweet pickles, Ajax and a bag of Cheetos that my daughter swears I just bought for her.

I mean... sure, you could use the word "obsessed" if you wanted to get all detailey and accurate. But really, haven't we all been there?

The poppy cookies I made for Veteran's Day have been living their own life this week. They kept me up at night and made an awful mess of my house. And they would not stop talking to me. They just didn't come out right the first time. But I couldn't decide what was wrong with them. My head said everything...but I knew they just needed a little nudge. So I decided to try them again, with a different petal formation and a green center. And I liked those WAY better. But I ran out of white icing on the last cookie. So I just filled in the background instead of doing the whole scribble-icing thing. And I was IN LOVE. So in love that I baked yet another batch of cookies so I could make even more poppy cookies. Because making cookies that you love is always worth it.

Basically what I'm saying is that sometimes we all make cookies that we hate. But without those cookies...you would never find the ones that you love. Have you ever climbed one of those crazy hills that is basically covered in stairs? You get to the top, slump over for a few minutes and pretend to be admiring the view so no one realizes how completely out of breath you are...and then you catch sight of all those stairs you just heaved yourself over and OH MY GOODNESS YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!!! Right?! I bet you never look at those bottom stairs and cringe because they were so bottomy. If you didn't have a first step, you could never have a second step or a top step. Cookies are like that. I would cringe looking at my first poppy cookie right now...except that without it...I would never have these gorgeous poppies that I love! Also...those green things are supposed to be helmets. My husband couldn't figure them out. And he's a soldier. So maybe you can't either. And it's totally okay with me if you can't. Because I like them just the way they are. They don't have to change for me.

Anyway. I've basically given up on trying to photograph wet-on-wet designs. So here's another video. I hope you don't mind.

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