Quick Graphic Style Decorated Tulip Cookies

Remember that one time that every single location in the United States simultaneously had rain and blue skies at the same time? Some experts have been brought in for consultation. And after negotiating their fee in cookies and microwave popcorn, they have determined that this phenomena is something called "spring."  They were unable to tell me how this "spring" contrivance came to be...but they did mention that no one has ever seen Spring and Batman in the same room together. Also there was something about unicorns and possibly flowers.

It really didn't make sense to me because I stopped listening when the popcorn slowed to about 3 seconds between kernels popping. I mean... that's serious business right there. If you don't have your head in the game you can ruin everything and unless you like the taste of charred grains and a house that smells like you lit it on fire with a spark plug and dryer lint...there's no excuse to be daydreaming about things like "the sun" and "warmth" and those elusive "flowers." But if you wanted to, you could totally make some. They take less time than microwave popcorn.

1. These guys are all wet-on-wet so we're going to start with a solid outline. Use a #3 tip and thick white icing.
2. Fill with thin white icing. Use about half as much as icing as your normally would and make it just a little thinner. It should barely cover the base of the cookie.
3. Immediately pipe the outer petals with light pink icing and a #2 tip. I used a medium consistency icing (12-15 seconds) but you could use a thinner icing with a #1.5 tip if you don't want it to have any texture.
4. Use a darker pink icing to pipe the middle and back petals.

5. Grab some medium consistency black icing and a #2 tip. Outline the petals and pipe a little stem. And that's it.

And in case you need to see it in action.... I've got you covered there too.


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