How To Make Paw Print Cookies (That Won't Crater!)

Remember these cookies? What?! That was only last could you have forgotten them so quickly? You must have "children" or "stress" or "that one thing where you forget things." You know what? It's okay. It wasn't really important anyway.

Because I'm just talking about the paw prints today anyway. Sometimes it seems like the most simple designs are the most elusive. And these paw prints are no exception. I had a lot of questions about these cookies last week...and almost all of them were one of these two questions:

Why don't you have craters?
Why is there no color bleed?

My first answer would be "it's a miracle" to both of those questions...but truthfully, I've never had either of those problems with paw print cookies. Color bleed can be avoided by letting the background dry for as long as possible before adding the paw print on top AND by using the thickest possible icing for that print...which incidentally is the reason they don't crater.

I tried taking a million pictures to show you what I mean...but in the end... a video just made more sense.


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