Dino-Mite Valentine Cookies

 You are DINO-MITE Valentine!!

I can't remember the last time I slept for real. Please tell me that children eventually grow up and *want* to sleep. Feel free to lie. Especially if your children never ever had sleep issues and always went to sleep promptly at bed time without needing a story and a drink and that elusive stuffed animal that you can never find,and a second tucking because the wrong side of the blanket was facing up so they had to kick the blankets onto the floor and pretend they were swimming in a giant sea of fluffy pink comforter before becoming mysteriously FAMISHED the second you even consider turning the light off. Lie away friends. I could use the deception right now. Actually, what I could really use is a night where I go to bed on purpose. And then wake up and it's morning. Instead of 3 minutes later.

I'm actually surprised that I don't feel more rested. Because I'm pretty sure I stay in bed while my alter-ego Zero Compassion Mom gets up to take care of the potty breaks and the lost bunnies and tangled up blankets and the blinds that got closed slanting up instead of down. That girl gets things done. But never really gets to sleep. Poor thing. I should make her some cookies.

Like these adorable dinosaur cookies. With only 3 steps, there will be plenty of time to make the cookies and still take a nap while pretending to have "Salon Time" and watching Strawberry Shortcake with the girls.

1. Outline and fill the body with medium consistency of icing. Let it dry for at least 10-15 minutes.
2. Add two legs to our little dino guy. Let it dry for another 10 minutes.
3. Add the back legs, some tiny little hears, an eye and a smile and this guy is DONE!! Now you can get to napping.


As I mentioned yesterday, all the new cutters this week can be found at Whisked Away Cutters!

And Krista from Drawn With Character made ANOTHER fantastic topper to go with our little dinosaur guys!

And do you want to know who my favorite dinosaur cookie maker is? Surprise! It's Callye from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle!

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