Decorated Silver Bells Cookies

I kind of love Christmas wrapping paper. I love that the craft stores have an entire aisle dedicated to the bright patterns and colors and endless square footage. I could swim in that aisle if they would let me. I would make a little camp and roll myself up in the red and white goodness to keep myself warm and use a pile of bows for a pillow. I love the perfectly smooth gloss of the paper as it comes off the roll and releases all the seconds of excitement and delight from little hands and eyes as they wait anxiously to see what is inside. And best of just how darn clever those little rolls are. 

It's like they spend their entire lives plotting to move into my house. They send their friends out to do recon and then put their little heads together in the dark of night to plan exactly where they are going to go the second I bring them home. Somehow they manage to extract themselves from the rest of my shopping treasures and roll away unseen to hidden corner of my house, like my laundry room, because they know I never go in there. Or behind the broken sled from 3 years ago that I swear I'm really going to fix this winter. One time, I found a little guy all by himself under a pile of unused air filters for my furnace. They must have left him behind because he couldn't keep up. So I went out and bought a few friends to cheer him up. But then they all just ran off to hide together. (Would it have killed him to be a little more grateful?!) So each year I buy more wrapping paper. And manage to hold on to one, maybe two rolls, and lament my lack of housekeeping skills and the way that youth these days just don't appreciate a good deed the way they used to. Then I kind of eat cookies until I'm sick and maybe take a little nap or do some "internet research" until I forget all about the growing pile of laundry and the lack of suitable gift wrapping options. And then I make cookies. Because that's what I do when I'm not eating or sleeping or internet researching.

1. Use a cat cutter. And if you make chocolate cookies, you should give it a layer of white icing first. Or not. I'm cool with whatever you decide.
2. Using medium consistency red icing and a #3 tip, make loops for the bow. Give it a few minutes to set up.
3. Then add a squiggly middle part.
4. With medium consistency gray icing and a #3 tip, make a big ol'circle of icing.

5. While the gray icing is still wet, add 2 dots and some lines that cross with black icing and a #1.5 tip. Let dry for 15 minutes.
6. Add another big ol' gray circle with black dots and lines on the other side. Let it dry for another 15-30 minutes.
7. Add a thick rounded line on top of the bells and small lines to connect the bells to the bow.
8. Paint them with luster dust if you want to. I did. Because I like luster dust. It's shiny. Like wrapping paper.


Grab a cat face cutter here.

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