Candy Cane Christmas Stocking Cookies

I used to do Adventure Races. That's where they give you a map, some coordinates, and a paddle. And you have to run, hike, swim, bike, and paddle all over some strange location to find some flags or codes and bring them back to the start before anyone else gets there. And there are all these crazy challenges in the middle of nowhere. And you get super tired and kind of smell bad but it's totally worth it. Especially when my team came in before the all-guy teams that were making fun of us earlier in the day. Umm, yeah... I'm not what you would call "a good winner." But I LOVED the craziness. And jumping my bike off of things.

It was kind of sad when I became a parent and I didn't get to do stuff like that all the time anymore. Until I realized that being a parent is JUST LIKE THAT. I mean, you're tired and kind of smell bad and there are these crazy challenges all over the place. Like throwing together a birthday gift for my son's teacher in exactly 3 1/2 minutes because he told me it was her birthday as we were walking out the door. Or hiking up the stairs with a child attached to each leg while simultaneously singing a princess song and meal planning. Because children have no warning. It's like, "Here I am, happily scribbling away with my coloring book and cray---AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! I'm starving!!! I need food!!! WHY??? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME??!!!"

Or going to the store and returning with vegetables, milk AND my ever loving mind. I rarely win this one.

My personal favorite challenge is called the "object of security search." Basically, we put my 3 year old in bed and she starts crying. That signals the beginning of the challenge. Both parents have to run around the house searching for the bunny before she escalates to LEVEL:SCREAMING. And I've got to tell you... nothing is more satisfying than leaping over a chair and spying one long ear poking out from a kitchen drawer and knowing the day is finally over. And also, knowing that I found it first. Like I said..not a good winner. And the best part? Once that well-loved bunny is found, I get to claim my prize -- time alone to make cookies!! Like these fun stockings from a candy cane cutter.

1. Before you bake the candy canes, pull the top out just a little bit. Once baked and cooled, outline and flood the stocking in white, leaving a small gap at the top for the cuff. Allow the white icing to dry completely.
2. With thick icing and a #1.5 tip, add a diamond pattern across the stocking.
3. Flood the cuff section with pink icing and cover with sanding sugar.
4. Add the toe patch and heel patch with the same pink icing.That's it! So easy and fun, right?! WAY better than the grocery store challenge.


Any candy cane cutter would work, but in case you don't have one, you can snag it HERE or HERE.

Make a different kind of stocking with or without a stocking cutter HERE.

Or throw something in your stocking with Sara at Klickitat Street


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