Scariest Masks -- Cookies and Cards

Do you ever have those days that just bug you? Like, the whole entire day and everything in it. Me too. Today was that day times a million.


~AAAAAHHHHHH. I hate you computer. I want to throw you away. Why must your shift key randomly stop working in the middle of a blog post? WHY?! Why don't you love me? I paid for you with real money. You are *not* a Monopoly money computer. Do not *act* like a Monopoly money computer.

~WHAT is that unearthly noise down the street? Oh no! It's garbage day. It's garbage day and I haven't taken out my garbage. Where are my shoes? WHY are they never where I left them? ONE of them is in the bathroom? That is not going to be helpful. It's getting closer. I'm just going to have to run for it in my socks. Eeewww! I stepped on something. I don't know what it was. I don't want to know. Aahh. My elbow. STOP FIGHTING ME GARBAGE CAN. I am *trying* to help you. Eeeww. You smell bad.

~That fly is going to die. Seriously, if it comes flying around me head ONE MORE TIME... it will be the end of it's already very short life. Okay, this time, I actually mean it. No I don't! I hate you fly! I hate that you make me threaten you with empty threats. Stop bugging me! Go away! I can't hear you, I'm covering my ears. How do you like that? GO AWAY!!!!

~Are you kidding me? It's already 2 pm?! What happened to 11:00 and 12:00 and 1:00?! I am NOT okay with this. I had big plans for today. BIG PLANS I tell you. I was going to actually accomplish things. I was finally going to make an actual check mark on my ever increasing list of things to do. Now I can't even remember where I put that list. Or what was on it. I need some kool-aid. I'm just going to wallow in my annoyance. 



On the plus side... these cookies happened. I love this day. It's the day I get to peruse my cousin's blog and see all of her fun paper creations. And then instead of coming up with my own design... I just snag one of hers and make it into cookies! Yeay!
I thought this card was super funny. And so did my children. And then when I started making the cookies, they thought it was even funnier. (And so did I. It *almost* made up for that blasted fly.)

1. We're going to start these little gems with royal icing transfers. (Yeay!) Pipe a big ol' circle (or little... totally your call) of icing in the skin color of your choice. Let it dry for 15 minutes.
2. Add some hair. Make it crazy. Make it cute. Just do what you want, really. But then let it dry overnight.
3. Paint the white of the eyes. You *could* stop here because they look super creepy at this point. Or..
4. Use food color markers or a paintbrush to create the details of the face.
5. Decorate your cookies... but leave the faces out. You can drop the faces straight on to the wet icing, or wait for the base layer to dry and then "glue" the transfers to the cookie with some more skin colored icing.
6. When all the icing has dried, add some mask strings with a food color marker or with thick black icing and a #1.5 tip. I clearly took the lazy, food marker way out. I will not judge you your choices.


Go see which one of my cookies my cousin made into a card.


Get some help removing those transfers without breaking them.

Visit Lisa at The Bearfoot Baker to see how she made the Frankenstein cookie.


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