Organize Your Sprinkles and Sanding Sugars -- GIVEAWAY

Jars from Specialty Bottle for organizing.... everything

Once upon a time I fell in love with everything colorful and sparkly and edible. And I wanted them all to come live with me so I could squish them and love them and look at them and never let them go. Then one day an evil sorcerer told me it was time for them to find a home that was NOT the kitchen table. So into a box they went all hobbledy-wobbledy. The sugars jumped around and the sprinkles hid under each other. It was a mess. And not just any mess. It was a horribly depressing mess that made me never want to look at them for fear I would feel the dreaded "need to actually clean and organize it guilt." So they were banished to the tallest tower of the hall closet. Until one day... I discovered a new kingdom called SPECIALTY BOTTLE. Each page was it's own wonderful adventure.

Specialty Bottles jars for organizing sanding sugars

And the knights of SPECIALTY BOTTLE came to my rescue with these perfect little plastic jars for my sprinkles and pearls and sanding sugars. I bought twice as many of the 4 ounce size as I thought I would use...and still ended up needing more. (Don't tell my husband.) And I LOVED the way they all look in their little jars. And since they are square, they stack really well next to each other. Basically... I'm obsessed. And after I used a picture of them in the post last week about keeping your sanding sugar where you want it, A TON of you were asking me about them. So I contacted the King and Queen of the land of Specialty Bottle and they have graciously decided to bestow a gift of 25 of the 4 ounce jars, with lids, to ONE OF YOU!!!

~~~~~~GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!!!~~~~~~ has decreed that SHANNON TYLER who said:

shall be our winner. Watch out Shannon -- organization is coming your way! Look for my email!


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