Shading a Baseball Mitt Cookie

I'm first generation computer literate. I grew up with paper. My elementary school got computers when I was in the 4th grade. It was kind of  a big deal and we had a bunch of classes to learn how to NOT touch the eye hole on the floppy disk before we were allowed to actually use one of those computers. And the screens were black and green. And made sounds like "pew, pew, pew" and "tick, tick, tick." And we all thought we were going to be geniuses because we were using COMPUTERS!

And then they got all mainstream and everyone in high school was building their own website. Mine had rainbow colored text because I was a teenage girl and I couldn't possibly conceive of a world where people wouldn't want to read a rainbow texted website. And we all got email addresses. Of our own. And we didn't tell our parents. And then we sent each other messages. Again, without telling our parents. We were rebels. We were the first computer generation. We taught our parents what a "mouse" was for. And how to turn off auto-correct in Word.

And then we grew up and got actual jobs. And if your actual job didn't include computers... all technical tomfoolery stopped there. I had a lot of cool jobs (furniture delivery, river guide, personal trainer, sailboat sailor person...) and none of them were overly technical or computery. Actually NONE of them involved a computer. Not even for time cards or anything.

So, basically, I'm saying that I'm SUPER PROUD of myself because I just made a gif file. And all you super-computery people out there... don't tell anyone how easy it actually is, okay? (Because I didn't even do it the real way. I used the cheater way.)

Look? See? The blue lines/circles are where you add luster dust to make the glove look real. And then you can see what it looks like with the dust. All in one picture. I love this world!

Also... I wanted to tell you that I made these cookies and the tutorials for them for Sugar Ed Productions Sugar Art School. I've been working with Sharon for the last year and I absolutely LOVE it over there! They have such amazing sugar artists with some fantastic tutorials. And if you wanted to check it out, there couldn't be a more perfect time because as you can see above... you can get a whole month subscription for just $3. Which is kind of a good deal if you're into that sort of thing. And if you're not...

Hey! More baseball cookies!



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