Quick Tip Tuesday -- Keep Your Sanding Sugar Where You Want It


If you are going to use sanding sugar, there are some thing you need to know about it.


1. Sanding sugar is a fun accent.


2. It's sparkly. And I like that.


3. You can use it to add dimension.

4. It gets everywhere. Everywhere is not an exaggeration. It gets in your brain and under your microwave. It sticks to your clothes and rolls into the shadows. You've got to build yourself a trap and be ready for it before it turns on you. There's no room for tolerance and mercy here. Sanding sugar is not going to give you a second chance.

Make sure that the entire cookie is dry. Pipe fresh icing wherever you want the sanding sugar to stick. Place the cookie on a cooling rack or dehydrator tray. Put two paper towels underneath the rack or tray. The paper towels should still be connected.

Use a spoon to gently shake the sanding sugar over the top of the cookie, completely covering the fresh icing.

Gently shake the rack or tray and the excess sanding sugar will fall through the cracks. Depending on the area of your paper towel, and the size of your tray or rack, you can put sanding sugar on 4-6 cookies at one time before shaking.

When you've run out of sanding sugar or are finished with your cookies, move the tray or rack off the paper towels completely. Fold in half where the two paper towels meet and gently pour back into your sanding sugar container.


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