Quick Tip Tuesday - Keep Dough From Sticking and Spreading

Today you get a TWO for ONE. And I'm not talking about shampoo. Not even the super fantastic smelling kind that makes me want to eat my own shower. (PS -- Why do they make soaps smell edible? It's the worst kind of trap. You're showering and smelling all these delicious aromas and all you can think about is how much you want to eat those strawberries and limes and coconuts and honey-oatmeal cookies. And then you weigh yourself before getting dressed and decide that you do NOT want to eat all those delectable dishes after all. It's horribly mean of those shampoo and body wash people if you ask me. Which is why today's tip is NOT about shampoo. It's about cookies. Obviously.

Quick Tip -- Keep cookie dough from sticking to the cutters or spreading in the oven.

Dip your cutters in flour before cutting out the cookies. The flour on the edge of the dough will keep the cookies from spreading in the oven. And the flour on the inside of the cutter will help the dough release from the cutter. You know... like all those alphabet cutters that drive you crazy trying to get the dough out, but you can't give up on them because the letters are just SO perfect. Now you can get them out. And they won't spread. You can basically live happily ever after now. You're welcome.


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