Decorated Crayon Cookies for Back-To-School

Back To School Crayon Cookies Tutorial

Sometimes I have a problem going to bed. Okay, most nights I have a problem going to bed. I'll stay up for just hours and hours and I don't know why. It drives my husband insane. I don't really understand how it happens. It doesn't make sense. I *like* sleeping. And I'm actually really tired. I mean -- hello! I have an infant. I desperately need more sleep. I haven't truly slept through the night in...well... YEARS. I don't even know what that's like anymore. Do people really do that? Just go to bed at night and wake up to discover that morning came and they missed all those hours that you can count on one hand? Is that an actual possibility for the future? Clearly, being tired is not the reason I stay up late.

I think the real reason I can't go to bed is because I just don't want this day to end. Because another day just like this one is coming. I know it! And I'd way rather take up windsurfing than avoid folding laundry for another day.

Back To School Crayon Cookies Tutorial

Or maybe it's because there is so much I planned to do with this day. And none of it happened. Except for the pillow slide races down the stairs. That happened. But the calm and ordered closets? Nope. The packages mailed? Not a chance! Maybe I just need to get things done. You know, things like online shopping and browsing Pinterest.

It is also quite possible that the reason I don't go to bed is simply because I'm just too lazy. And this couch is entirely too comfortable for my own good. Lazy would also explain why I didn't put away my candle cutter from yesterday and just decided to keep on using it again to day with these crayon cookies.

Back To School Crayon Cookies Tutorial

1. If you didn't squish your candle cutter yesterday with the pencils, go ahead and give it a squish now. Then bake your cookies. And live your life for a while until you're good and ready to start decorating these little gems. These cookies aren't the boss of you.
2. Outline the outer edge of the cookie with thick black icing and a #2 tip.
3. Pipe one thin line and one fat line inside each end of the crayon. Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes.
4. Fill in the middle 3 sections with a light blue icing. Let it dry for an hour-ish.
5. Fill in the outer sections with a dark blue icing. (Usually I make the darker icing first, and then add more white icing to make the lighter color. It's easier to go lighter than darker.) Add a black oval on the middle of the cookie. I usually get lazy (Surprise!!) and use the same piping icing for the oval, but it doesn't smooth out quite like I wish it would. So maybe you can kick the trend and set your own standard of not-lazy with this one and pipe your oval with a slightly thinner black icing.

Back To School Crayon Cookies Tutorial


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