Apple Name Cards for Back to School

Let's say that hypothetically... someone you know... not me, but someone else you know that you kind of like and don't hate altogether...has an old college teammate coming into town in less than 2 weeks. And everyone is getting together. And this friend of yours, that is not me, hasn't seen any of them in over 10 years. Hypothetically still, how would you advise her on her next course of action? Should she

1) Get an entirely new wardrobe? You know, one that says, "I'm super successful, stylish and fun. I bet you've missed hanging out with me and all my stylish-ness."

2) Run a hundred miles a day for the next 2 weeks? Because, you know, these are her sporty and fit college teammates. They've probably been running a hundred miles a day for the last 10 years. And 2 weeks ought to catch that friend of yours right up. I mean, maybe throw in a push-up or two for good measure.

3) Pay someone to fake articles mentioning that your hypothetical friend is now an incredibly talented actress training for the part of a cookie decorating mother in a very relevant upcoming movie that will probably earn her some kind of award? And make people cry. In the good kind of way. (Because OBVIOUSLY if you're going to imagine a friend, she'll decorate cookies. And what good is it to imagine a friend that makes people cry in a bad way? Don't be weird.)

Or maybe she could just bring cookies and then be friends with her teammates.  You could always point that friend of yours in this direction so she could make these apple cookies. Nothing says "LIKE ME" more than personalized cookies, right guys? Guys?

1. There are lots of different apple cutters in the world. Start with the biggest one you have. It will be easier to fit those names on it later. Use a ruler to draw to straight and parallel lines across the middle of the cookie. I like to use my white food marker for chocolate cookies, but you can do what you want.
2. Outline and fill the top and bottom portions of the apple. Let it dry for an hour or two so the color won't bleed into the middle.
3. Fill the middle section with cream icing. Immediately pipe a light blue dotted line across the middle with a #1 tip.  Let it dry for an hour.
4. Add green icing to make a leaf with a #3 tip. Add a stem with brown icing and a #3 tip. Then use thick black icing to pipe a student or teacher's name on the cookie.


This is the apple cutter I used.

Learn more about the white food color marker here.

Use this tip to keep your dotted line straight.

Funky crayon cookies.

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