Make Hand Cutting Cookies As Easy As Possible -- Quick Tip Tuesday

Let me just be clear. I don't love hand cutting cookies. At all. If I were to list the things I love most in the world, hand cutting cookies wouldn't be on it. I'm going to let you in on a little secret that is going to make your hand cutting life a little easier. Oil spray. That's the secret.

Print or draw your design on paper. Cut it out and then spray it with oil. It "sticks" to the cookie dough like Velcro. You don't even have to hold it down to cut around it. I use a paring knife because it's sharp and short to cut my cookies.

As an added bonus... once you spray your paper cut out, it becomes translucent. You can see the design from either side. Sometimes I do this when I trace the wrong side of the cutter for my sketch. Instead of flipping every cookie over, I just spray my sketch and flip it over.

 When you are done you just pop it off with a toothpick or the edge of a knife. I usually leave it on top until I've transferred the shape to the baking sheet. It helps maintain the exact shape without the stretching and warping that usually comes with the transfer. Oil spray... who knew?!


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