How To Make Decorated Bulldozer Cookies

How to make Bulldozer Cookies

Sometimes my day runs away with itself. See, a few minutes ago, I woke up and made my kids breakfast. And now they are in their beds asleep. I know this day happened because my house is a complete mess...library books scattered down the hall like a trail of breadcrumbs, an overturned princess shopping cart* in the front room, shoes as far as the eye can see... this day really happened. But HOW did it happen? How did I go from breakfast to bedtime without accomplishing anything? How did that shopping cart find itself in such a predicament? And where did these bulldozer cookies come from?!

If you want help recovering your days and keeping your house clean... I've got nothing for you. But if you want to make your own bulldozer cookies... I can help you with that one.

How to make decorated bulldozer cookies

1. With thin white icing and a #1 tip, pipe a little window. Let it dry for a bit. ESPECIALLY if you're going to use a dark color for the body of the bulldozer.
2. Pipe the blade and the cab** with 17 second icing and let dry for 15 minutes.
3. Add another line in there for good measure.
4. This step has to be done all at once. Pipe the track on the bottom and then immediately add 4 dots in one color and 4 more smaller dots on top of the original ones in white. Then let that whole thing dry while you catch your breath.
5. With thick orange icing and a #1.5 tip, add a line on the edge of the blade, the top of the cab, between the dots on the track, and one more to attach the blade to the rest of the bulldozer. Oh yeah, don't forget the handle for the door.

* I don't know what it is in a person that makes them up and abandon a perfectly good shopping cart....

** I cannot believe I had to google "bulldozer parts" for this post. I feel so dirty.


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