How to make PLUM icing

HEY!!! Americolor must have changed their Super Red formula since I posted this. I'm in the process of editing this post -- in the meantime use 3 parts electric pink and 1 part electric blue for a similar plum color!

It's not a big secret that I love colors. Especially those of the deep and dark variety. And earthy ones. And bright ones. And sometimes, if you catch me when I haven't quite had enough sleep... I might even have some kind feelings towards those lighter than air colors too.

And don't tell dark red this, but one of my favorite colors is plum. I've been in love with it since high school. I am not even joking. (I wish I was. I've always had a color obsession.) I love that plum is its own accent. Pair it with any neutral and you have a gorgeous color scheme. I have spent lots of time mixing this and that into bowls of icing and eventually end up with a color that resembles the plum of my dreams. But, I recently happened upon a very simple and perfect combination for plum. And I think that maybe you would like to fall in love with this little gem too, so let me show you how to find it.

****Currently being edited. Use 3 parts electric pink and 1 part electric blue****



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