Pantone Challenge Round Up and a WINNER

Let's all just pretend like December was crazy busy and we forgot ourselves in the good times we were having making fun holiday cookies. And no one realizes that it's closer to the end of the month than the beginning and I still haven't drawn a winner for the Pantone Color Challenge. Yikes!

As it turns out, I *have* actually drawn a winner now, but as usual, I won't tell you until you fall in love with all these gorgeous cookies from the challenge.

I just keep finding more details to love in this Birthday Circus set by Rebecca at The Cookie Architect. I mean... did you catch the trapeze act going on in the center tent??!! Amazing! Rebecca was also the genius behind the Gingerbread House of Cards project this week.

I am always in love with pretty much everything Sarah from Klickitat Street makes. And these bright, festive Christmas cookies are no exception. I love that she used so many different lines, shapes and textures in one cookie collection!!

 Umm... please tell me that you think these cookies from Melissa Joy Fanciful Cookies and More are the most adorable gnomes you have ever seen IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!!!! Obviously, I'm a sucker for variety, because I just love all the different patterns on the hats. And of course... those little noses!!!

I don't even know where to start or stop looking with these cookies from Miss Lyss Cookies. Such fun designs and patterns and crazy piping that makes me tired just looking at them. I love the non-traditional pairing of colors!

These gorgeous, gorgeous harvest cookies from The Way The Cookie Crumbles are so crazy lovely. I want to frame them and use them as holiday decorations every year. The shading, the textures, the perfect pairing of light and dark colors.... ahhh.... the perfect end to fall.

And that brings us to the WINNER WINNER of the $25 gift card from The Cookie Cutter Company and the box of Americolor food gels.

And that winner is....

These adorable woodland cookies from Fernwood Cookies! PS -- Can you believe that his magic little pipe is actually covering a mistake?! Absolute GENIUS!!! (Watch for my email!)

Need more? Go visit the rest of the entries in the Pantone Color Challenge!


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