Gingerbread House of Cards

I kind of like group projects. Not the kind where you divide up all the work that needs to get done, but secretly you don't trust anyone else to actually do their part so you end up doing 95% of it yourself anyway, and then it turns out that the only part that actually didn't get done by your co-workers was that 5% anyway and even though you spent the entire last three weeks of your life not eating or sleeping... you still fail. I like the other kind of group projects.

The kind of project where everyone puts in a little something good and the results are something absolutely unbelievable and fantastic. The kind of project that inspires you to go outside your daily efforts, where you can't stop dreaming about possibilities and wish you could have three more chances to do something amazing. Basically... a cookie project.

I was super lucky to be part of this Gingerbread House of Cards project imagined, organized, and masterfully executed by Rebecca from The Cookie Architect. She even BAKED every stinking cookie and mailed them out to everyone. All we had to do was put a little icing magic on a cookie and mail it back to her. Only, I didn't know it was icing magic. I just thought it was regular type icing until I saw the picture of all the cards together. And then really, the only explanation is magic. It's fantastic!

CLICK HERE for all the stunning details on the conception, creation, and building of this stunning House of Gingerbread Cards. As well as many more pictures and close ups of all these amazing designs!!

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