Christmas Stocking Cookies

I live in America now. I have a house with a real live yard and sidewalks that I have to shovel when it snows. And neighbors that shovel their walks at the same time. And we talk about the snow. And about how they didn't plow the roads. (But they should have, because driving on ice is *not* recommended. And everyone knows that if you don't plow the roads in the first couple of days, it's just going to turn into a giant ice slide masquerading as a road.) Also, my children play in the snow. For at least 30 seconds before they start running around yelling that they are cold and in desperate, actual, NEED of hot cocoa. Which, of course, means that I have to stop shoveling and gossiping about the lack of snow removal and go inside, removing numerous layers of coats and sweaters and hats and gloves and rummage through the cupboards to find the stale packets of mini-marshmallow hot cocoa from last year, because regular type hot cocoa is just not going to reach deep down into their core and warm them from the near-hypothermic state they are in as a result of touching snow. Although, to be  fair, their little sister merely had to look at the snow on her boots before she started screaming. So at 25 seconds longer than that, I guess they could be considered real champions of snow and winter. 

I'm the way. I'm really bad at snow and winter. I don't like being cold. I hate walking, driving, or even standing on ice. I don't even look out my window because I'm pretty certain that sun will never come back and I'll turn into some kind of ice sculpture just by being in visual contact with the 8 plus inches of snow in my front yard. And also, it might snow again tomorrow. So, basically, I'm stuck here for the next few months of my life. It's a good thing I got that extra gallon of milk at the grocery store earlier this week.

And also, a super good thing that I have my incredibly creative cousin's paper project blog to scroll through for hours on end. I absolutely love the way she puts colors together. Like these stinking adorable stockings.

Pastel colors are kind of my nemesis (In case you haven't noticed by the deep dark colors I am constantly using.) and I never would put these colors together for Christmas. But then one thing leads to another and when the haze lifted, I found myself with a giant pile of mint and bubble gum colored Christmas cookies and no idea how it happened. Actually, I kind of know how it happened. But, if my husband asks, I'm still going to say I don't.

I made the stockings with the Wilton witch shoe cutter and the wings off a bat. My Halloween cutters are always my first stop when I need a random cutter shape. I flipped some over so they would go both directions. (EDIT: The cutter for these cookies is now available from WHISKED AWAY CUTTERS.)

1. Make random stripes with a 20 count mint colored icing. Let them dry for at least 30 minutes.
2. Add some bubble gum colored stripes and let those dry for another 30 minutes.
3. Using white 20 count icing, add the toe, the heel, and the cuff.
4. Very carefully spoon white sanding sugar over the cuff and let dry for an hour or two. Brush off the excess sugar when dry.

And in case you were wondering... the colors were surprisingly easy to achieve. Although, let's be honest... it's probably because I didn't try making mint from left over Thanksgiving pumpkin orange.

The cutter for these stockings is now available from WHISKED AWAY CUTTERS!!

Need something else to distract you this weekend? Go check out my fabulous cousin's blog and see what cookies of mine she turned into a card!


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