Designer Cookies -- Kate Spade and Tori Burch

I know you guys probably think that I'm done talking about Korea and my move to America. But you would be wrong. It's been much harder for me to let go than I thought it would be. Sometimes I get a physical pain somewhere in my pain feeling center just thinking about those deep green rice paddies that I won't be walking through this summer while my children run ahead trying to scare sleepy herons out of their hiding places. And then comes the inevitable listening to Enya and feeling bad about everything in my life that I miss and wallowing in all sorts of regret and then kind of hoping it will rain so that my mood will be justified. And really, the only way to bring myself out of it is to go buy pretty striped kitchen twine and then visit the All-You-Can-Eat Mexican Buffet down the street. I mean, I could probably also just do something productive or exercise instead, but let's not get all judgey, okay? The point is... you've got at least 3 more Korea related posts to suffer through. Let's get started with #1.

When I moved to the US from Korea, I brought 3 decorating bags, and my box of tips. And nothing else except clothes and diapers and things that my kids really, truly, actually needed on a daily basis. I didn't bring a single cookie cutter or a rolling pin or food coloring. I lived without them for over two months. And I was sad. Not sad enough for the Mexican Buffet, but sad enough for ice cream.

And then my super sweet Aunt let me borrow all 43 of her cutters. So I made these cookies, and these cookies and then I made these super fun Kate Spade and Tori Burch cookies and totally wished that my own cutters would magically sprout a Kopykake Projector on their journey to America.

And then I got all of my cookie cutters back. And I was overwhelmed so I didn't make any cookies for two weeks. The end.


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