Hope Springs Eternal

Butterfly Cookies

I was nervous for my 6 year old to change schools so close to the end of the year. I was worried that he wouldn't fit in.... that he would be the weird kid from South Korea and everyone would talk about him, but no one would sit by him. And that he would get lonely and then maybe a little angry and we all know where that leads....  listening to noise that he calls "music" and spray painting naughty words on local stop signs. I already had a plan to inspect under his bed at least occasionally for contraband items and enroll him in a Mozart appreciation class.

Spring Flower Cookies

As it turns out, I didn't need to. I was supposed to take him to school  on a Tuesday. You may remember that my entire family got some horrendous flu bug within hours of arriving in this country. So I  waited an extra day to enroll him in school.  A few children were already waiting at the kindergarten door upon our arrival. Immediately, they started asking my son if he was the new student they were expecting. Very shyly, he told them that he was. And by very shyly, I mean that *I* had to do it. One girl ran off to the play ground and in less than a minute another boy came running over  at a speed that would normally indicate a fire or a snake. He ran straight up to my child and without pausing for a breath he said,  "You sit next to me. My name is Spencer.** Your last name is Bell. That's a good name. We're going to be best friends forever."

And in an instant... everything was suddenly going to be just fine.  I didn't even go inside with them.

Spring Cookies

I'm not exactly a Spencer type person. I've never run up to a complete stranger at top speeds and given them a hug and told them that everything is going to be okay and even better, it's going to be amazing and wonderful and then, on top of that, given them a free friendship for the taking. I've never done that.  But I was so very grateful for a little boy that did that for my son. I resolved right then and there to make him cookies. But... you know... not in a way that would make his parents call the police because they thought I was trying to kidnap him or something. And also, not like these cookies because they are kind of, a little bit on the "not super cool and tough and ruggedly happy boy" side.

Butterfly Cookies

Click HERE to see the tutorial for the flower bouquets.

** Not his real name. His real name is Nicest Boy In The Whole Wide World. It's kind of a lot of middle names if you ask me, but his parents are obviously raising him extremely well, so I don't feel it's my place to judge their choice of names.

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