Change Up Your Photography -- Round up and WINNER!!

I'm so excited! There were over a hundred entries in last month's challenge! You guys are amazing and I absolutely loved seeing all the fun ways you took your photos. And... have a ton of fun new ideas I want to try now! Do you want to see some of my favorites? (Please say "yes" because I'm just going to show them to you anyway. And if we get in a fight, things are just going to get awkward.)

Not only are these cookies by Liz at Arty McGoo unbelievable as always, but the angle of the photo and the perfect blur on the edges is the perfect complement to the sweet dusty designs themselves.

 I don't think it's a secret that I love cookies and cakes that don't look like cookies and cakes. I love that these fun pancake cookies made by Salsa Sweets got paired with a fork and maple syrup on rustic background!!

I never said the challenge was only for cookies! I love, love, love the way Shelan from Sweet Boake changed things up with her overhead shot of these caramels! (PS -- Shelan -- you won't hate me if I tell everyone you are 14, will you? You are SO talented!!) 

 I love that Charisma from Sweet Manna not only painted this amazing cookie, but also left her brushes in the photo. And also, also painted an entire background for it.

Not only is this tank made by Tracy at Whisked Away Cookies the cutest tank I've ever seen (and let's be honest... I've seen a lot of tanks in my life) but I LOVE the sky in the background!

Isn't this picture from Chris' Creative Confections one of the coolest pictures of baby rattles you have ever EVER seen? I love the drama in the lighting!

I could only WISH I had a fun backdrop like this!! Not only are these tea party Hello Kitty cookies by Czerina's such a fun idea, I absolutely love that she took a picture of them... at a tea party!

I LOVE this cookie bunny garland made by Sue at Munchkin Munchies!! And I love that she made it into a chalkboard photo... WITH A FRAME! Such a great photo!

This photo by Peachy Keen Cookies shows that fun photos don't have to be filled with crazy expensive props. I love the fun spring attitude!

 These eggs by Mike at Semi Sweet are absolutely incredible!! And the photo completely matches his crazy amazing style! I love everything about it!

And last, but not least...


And that winner is...

#5 --  Lettie's Labor of Love and her hunting cookies! Check your inbox for a message from me!

Thank you to EVERYONE that has and is participating in the challenges! You guys make them amazing! Click HERE if you want to see the rest of the photo challenge submissions. And click HERE if you want to join this month's challenge!


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