I have a secret.

I have something to tell you. It has nothing to do with cookies. And everything to do with this song.


For real. In just over THIRTY DAYS I will be heading to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

I'm totally excited out of my mind, and completely terrified at the same time. My husband will be staying here for a few more months, so I will be flying with 3 children, 2 car seats, 5 suitcases and 4 carry-ons for a full  24  hours through 3 countries, 4 airports and checking my luggage 3 times. That's no big deal, right? In case you are wondering how well my children travel, when I flew over here (also without my husband) my son was standing up in his seat singing, "I'm going to be naughty" in the middle of the 12 hour flight. I've clearly got some planning to do. Any advice?

Also.... tell me everything! I've been gone for nearly 3 years.  Do cars in America fly yet? Or do they still drive on those rubber wheel things? What are your favorite new movies?  (For reference... Toy Story 3 was the last movie I saw in a theater.)  Are there any trendy new food items at the grocery store? Do Dollar Stores still exist? Are things still only a dollar there? Can I buy groceries at 8 am if I want to? What about 8pm? Are there still sitcoms on television, or is it all filled up with reality shows? People don't drive on the sidewalks, do they? Can you buy a car that has more than 4 seats? More than FIVE? (If you say yes... can you get one that is also *not* a bus?)

And most importantly -- where can I buy cookie cutters at an actual store?

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