Thanksgiving Turkey - Cookies And Cards

I have a tiny confession to make. And... it's about turkeys. 

I don't


like them.

Or their feathers.

Actually, if we're being 100% completely totally honest with each other -- It's the feathers I can't stand. I have a condition where I can't handle feathers. It's called "featheraphobia" or something like that. I get those Latin words all twisted in my head sometimes. But basically it means that if any of my children pick up a feather while we are on some peaceful, happy family outing, I have to scream and freak out and grab it from their hands and throw it away and then get all crazy because the wind blew it back in our direction and I don't want it to touch anyone because it came out of a bird's SKIN for crying out loud and as such is completely covered in bird germs, because honestly, who knows when they last took a bath. I certainly don't. And I am not about to risk the health and well being of my precious offspring just so some flying animal can infect them with death.

I don't like feathers.

Also, on a very related note, I think that turkeys are one of THE HARDEST designs to make on a cookie. The absolute hardest would, of course, be feathers. I can't even imagine how you would go about piping infection on a cookie.

Now that we've gotten that happy image seared into our brain cells... let's talk about cookies. And since it's the first Friday of the month...we also get to talk about the fantastic cards that my cousin Pam makes on her blog Simply Pam's Creations.

She made this card. It looks slightly familiar, right? PLEASE tell me it does. She made it last year and I totally lifted the design as inspiration for these fun turkey cookies. Do you want to know how I made them?

First, I spent a ridiculous amount of time justifying time spent on the internet "researching" turkey cookie cutters. I didn't like any of them though because they all kind of just looked like giant birds. And you know how I feel about birds. So I jimmy-rigged a shape. You need a flower and a snowman. I would definitely recommend putting the flower on the baking sheet before cutting out the center portion. There's not much of the flower left and it would get all wiggly-weird if you tried to move it after cutting it. Anyway, cut out a big section of the flower with the snowman cutter and replace with an entire snowman shape. Press the edges together to ensure the pieces bake together solidly. Bake as you normally would and give it an extra minute to cool before moving it.

I just recently discovered how much I love to do cookies with black outlines. I do it whenever I'm in a hurry. Or whenever I feel like it. Outlining seems overwhelming sometimes, so I tried to break it down into brightly colored steps. Start with the color on the top and move down. So...first you outline the blue rectangle. Then go up and over the top of the hat...across the brim...etc.

Technically, once it's all outlined in black like that you could just go for it and fill all the spaces at once. I do that when I'm in a hurry. But since I'm not the most "careful" decorator, I still like to fill alternating sections. In case you are wondering... I used a #2 tip for all the details and just used the same 17-count icing that I used for the feathers. (shudder) Except the white stitches. I used something else for those. And it's a secret.

But since I made it pretty clear last time that I'm incapable of keeping a secret for more than 12 minutes...I'm just going to tell you. Those white stitch lines? I might have maybe made a white food color marker. Whew. There. I said it. It's not quite perfect. I mean, if I paid actual money for a marker that was this temperamental, I would be annoyed and totally talk trash about it behind it's back on Facebook. But I'm going to keep this little gem and play around with it some more and see if I can coax it into behaving itself in public. I'll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: Find out more about these crazy white markers HERE.


Grab an ACTUAL hatted turkey guy cutter HERE.

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