Geese-A-Laying and Korea Tour Day 6

 I'm starting to panic a smidgeon. It's been two days since Thanksgiving and my pumpkin pie sand timer is beginning to run out. We don't decorate  or celebrate Christmas in any way until after Thanksgiving. And I have until the last bite of pumpkin pie has been eaten to find all of the Christmas decorations from the nooks and crannies that I squirreled them away into last Christmas. (You know, instead of properly putting them away in the box that is clearly labeled CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS- NOT FOOD.)

I'm not very good at un-decorating. In January, I run around the house grabbing every Christmas thing I can find and I dump it in a big pile on the couch and then gently smoosh it all into a box. And I return the box to its home in the dark, dark corner that is as far from accessible as humanly possible. And then the next day I find something I forgot to put away. And the next day. And also the day after that. And then I end up with a sizeable collection of red and green on my dryer well into February and sometimes March. (Dryers should come with a "stuff" shelf so you don't feel bad piling things up there.) (Please don't tell me you have a neat dryer and never put stuff on top of it.) (Except, I mean... do you?) By the time St. Patrick's Day comes rolling around, the basket of Christmas joy is starting to make me physically ill from the guilt of not dragging all the boxes and bags out just so I can return the red and silver spangles to their cozy little home in the decoration box... Which leads me to today and my dread of even starting the search for my long lost Christmas treasures.  I've actually decided to hide the last piece of pumpkin pie just to give me more time. Do you think they'll find it if I hide it in the couch cushions?

1. Outline the cookie using thick black icing and a #2 tip. Let dry for an hour.
2. Fill the goose with light gold icing and the nest with dark gold icing. Be careful not to overfill each section.
3. Immediately add two drops of white icing to the next portion of the cookie. Allow to dry overnight.
4. Add a dark gold beak and a pretty little eyeball with some #1 tips and dark gold and black icing.


Roughly 20-30% of the South Korean population are Buddhist. (About 50% consider themselves to be non-religious and another 20-30% are Christian.) (In case you were wondering.)

The Buddhist Temples in South Korea are all typically built in the hills and mountains. And there are hundreds of them.

And they are GORGEOUS.

Just in case you didn't catch that detail...

Some of them are very, very small... and some of them are sprawling enclaves of buildings. If you come here... you can actually sign up for a "temple stay" and live like a monk for a weekend, or longer. I actually haven't done anything like that because I'm super boring, but YOU should totally do it. And then tell me all about it.

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