Sailboat Cookies

Father's Day is almost here! Are you guys excited? I mean...depending on where you are in the world there could be as little a ONE more day to get all your shopping and decorating and Father's Day song-singing in. ONE day. That's like 24 hours in cookie years.

I'm going to be honest with you though.. I'm a little tuckered out with all the late night tie tying parties and MEAT eating going on around here. I'm also re-thinking my strategy of unveiling my new holiday celebration schedule immediately before a holiday in which I am not the recipient of large quantities of attention and gifts and free food. I was thinking that if you take into account the nights I put the children to bed before my husband comes home from work, and subtract that from the fact that we don't even have a lawn to mow, multiplied by three equals out to about 1/6 of that pumpkin pie that is waiting for him on Father's Day. (Pumpkin pie? On Father's Day?! If you have gotten this far and not realized that we have holiday issues at our house, then I can't help you. Feel free to go return your overdue movie rentals instead of finishing this post.)

Since I don't actually like pumpkin pie, I've decided to do a blog post about ME instead. I'm pretty sure that a blog post is roughly equivalent to 1/6 of a pumpkin pie. Someone double check my math.

And what I want you to know about me today is that I like sailboats. It's not really necessary information. There will be no friendship quiz in which you have to remember this very important and minute detail about my personal preferences. If you did want to remember it though and maybe send me an ice sculpture some day, I wouldn't mind that. That would be okay with me.

I used to sail, you know. Like, for my job. On a big ol' crystal blue lake. And it was every dream in one dream. The warm wind and the snapping canvas and the waves swirling around the boat....Also, I got really good at tying knots and I even knew their names. And if you ever need a bowline tied in under 30 seconds in a completely dark room -- then I'm your girl. Don't hesitate to ask. I'm a giver.

So when The Cookie Cutter Company told me that I could do a blog post for their site, I basically begged them to let me make some sailboat cookies. And because Matt is such a nice guy and all, he said I could. Since I'm such a giver and share-er, this is a near herculean task to not give you the tutorials right here and now. But I really want you to CLICK HERE so you can hop over and meet Matt and The Cookie Cutter Company and their cutters and see how I made each one of these boats. There are step-by-steps....with pictures and words and everything!

And don't forget to stop by later and share YOUR Father's Day cookies in the link-up party!!

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