Stack o' Books Graduation Cap Cookies

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time today trying to discover the "real" name of the graduation cap. And as it turns out....graduation cap IS the real name! The term "mortarboard"  (the term for which I was searching) is really a slang term. I feel cheated somehow. All that time...wasted. Oh sure, I could convince myself that I was on a quest to better myself, that somehow it was the journey that mattered. I could tell my children that their unanswered pleas for a third snack were all in the name of enlightenment and greater good for the...umm...for the...greater good of goodness. And stuff.

I'd like a refund on my afternoon please.


Now that I think about it...I don't really care what it is called. What I want to know is who came up with that design? I mean, it's like someone grabbed a spare piece of cardboard and glued it to a hat that strangely resembles a bowl. And then...because that wasn't weird enough, they also took some odd piece of rope they had lying around and dyed it to match the school colors, frayed up the ends and attached that to the top of the cardboard. If you ask me, it sounds like the mother of some young child was having a rough afternoon and needed something to entertain her children while she did some internet research...wait a minute....

Anyway...these cookies. Books. Graduation hat things. Cookie. Icing. Want to?

1. Cut off the outside edges of the bow.
2. These cookies are easiest with a thicker, 18 count icing. Start with the bottom book. Go ahead and pipe on something that looks suspiciously like a tuning fork. And then do another one a bit above that. Oh, and then, pipe on a cave. Except, it won't be a cave in the end. It just looks like one right now. Let that dry for 30 minutes or one game of Battleship. Whichever comes last.
3. Fill in the missing elongated tuning forks and then pipe a diamond shape around your cave. Battleship rematch. Try to win this time.
4. Add the white paper bits and a piece of rope that is dyed to match the school colors. Let everything percolate over night.

Add your final details. I used icing for the bookmarks, and food color markers for the rest. I know you are bursting with the question -- Can I make these in my daughter's/friend's/nephew's/former paper delivery child's school colors? And the answer would be...NO.

Ha ha ha ha ha. I'm totally kidding. That was the best joke ever. Oh man, I'm still laughing....

Also, the present cutter is like the head cheerleader of cookie cutters for graduation. Or maybe its more like that guy who is actually really cute but totally shy and you're really shy and you've been afraid to talk to him your entire school life but now that you are graduating and you'll never have another chance you finally just talk to him and as it turns kind of both like each other and you never would have known if you hadn't just taken the chance. But now you'll basically live happily ever after instead of living a life of drudgery and sadness. The present cutter is like that. Kind of. Really what I'm saying is that Callye at The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle used it for a graduation cookie, too. Don't go kissing on her cookies or anything though, because that would be totally weird. More weird than cardboard-bowl-rope hats.

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