the NINE designs

I think that maybe I should be a novel-title-maker-up person. I would be super great at it. Basically, I would get all kinds of rich and famous by thinking up intriguing titles for novels and then selling them to people who want to write a book that other people will buy. My plan is a little rough at this point. Definitely some details that need to be worked out. But that won't stop me from thinking up great titles in the mean time. And then when this goes big and I'm all in demand and everything, I'll have a whole stockpile of intriguing titles to choose from. My first title --

The Remaining Nine

What do you think? It's got potential right? (Tell me you love it.) It could be about these kids that ...or maybe an island where these people...hmmm. Actually, every idea I have is super depressing and kind of dark and that's not really what I'm going for at all. Let's just pretend that this is the title of a super fun book chronicling some hypothetical, but still super fun, cookie decorating contest. And there's a mystery and some guy that rescues a girl and maybe a carnival too. Oooh. And cotton candy. I LOVE cotton candy!

Or...maybe I should just tell you who came up with some of my nine secret designs and then show you the rest of them.

1. Octopus (made by Natalie of Sweet Hobby by Natalie)

2. Television (made by Elizabeth of Arty McGoo fame) To be version did NOT contain Gumby.

3. Palm Tree (made by Erin of The Cookie Engineer)

They all won a big ol' Hello Kitty cutter and some Korean candy. And I'm not talking about the dried squid on a stick kind of Korean candy. Maybe the rice paste and bean sauce kind though. I make no promises.

Here are the other designs I came up with that didn't make a showing in the contest --

4. Sailboat -- You know, at the time I drew this design, I had some really fantastic reason for that red flag at the top. But by the time I made it....that really great idea had pretty much moved to Canada. And Canada is a LONG way from here. So, it really wasn't coming back.

5. Sign

6. Caterpillar 

7. Lollipop -- I made two of these because my daughter ate the first one. Apparently, it was very delicious.  I went with "better safe than sorry" the second time around.

8. Mushroom

9. Stack of Books

I CANNOT WAIT to announce the rest of the winners on Monday!! I have all the scores from the judges and I just need to double check the numbers... Also,  there is still time to VOTE ON YOUR FAVORITE DESIGN! Voting closes Saturday at midnight. As in -- 1 day, 2 hours, and 8 minutes from now.

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