Snowman Celebration

There are two things you should know about me.

1-- I am REALLY good at eating M&Ms. I know because my husband told me. He said I was probably the best M&M eater he's ever met. And he knows at least like, 42 people.

2-- I like snowmen more than most people. By that I mean I like snowmen more than most people do, but by that I also mean that I like snowmen more than I like most people. (Homestar Runner anyone?)

I feel like snowmen kind of get all forgotten after Christmas. It's still winter people. (And when I say "people," I don't mean YOU of course. I mean other people. People that don't like snowmen. Or holidays. Or having fun ever. ) It's the season of snowmen. So I've decided to do something a little bit rash. (Which, is not new for me.) I'm going to have a SNOWMAN CELEBRATION!!! And you have to celebrate with me if you really love me. (Just for the record, I don't even feel guilty pulling that card. I WANT a celebration.)

So here's the deal. I've got some great snowman cookies coming up.  
AND I've got some fantastic guest posts about snowman cookies coming up.  
AND I'm having a link-up party.  
A link-up party. I know, it's totally crazy. Just do it.

First - some cookies. These are super simple to make and clearly you could use any geometric shape you want. I like this shape. (Obviously.) Start with the hat brim. Just pipe a line across the middle and let it dry for an hour (or 3 if you are using a dark color. You know, so the color doesn't get all tired of being in the hat brim and decide to move on to a better, whiter place like the snowman face.)

After it's quite dry, and responsibly staying where you put it, go ahead and fill in the rest of the hat and the face. And then stop for awhile and go take care of some New Year's Resolution that is slowly withering away into a good idea you once had. 

Come back after becoming a better you and put some dots on the face, add a nose, and you are done. Unless of course you want to add some pink little cheeks. Or a flower to the hat. Or disco dust. Because I'm pretty sure that you can add disco dust to any cookie you make.  I have discovered that it is easiest to do the eyes first, then the mouth and the nose last. If I try to go from the top to the bottom, I can never figure out how curve the mouth around the nose without it getting wonky.

Are you ready for the link-up party?!


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