2011 -- It's What's For Dinner.

I don't send Christmas cards. I don't write letters. I can't even email my mother back in a timely manner. I pretend I will, but I never do. (Seriously Mom -- sorry about that.) But I do have a blog.

I've been blogging for like 364 days now. Exciting, right? Maybe not like fireworks-and-free-money exciting, but at least like finding-your-favorite-jeans-in-the-back-of-the-closet-and-putting-them-on-to-discover-$5-in-the-pocket kind of exciting. And to celebrate, I'm going to force you to endure a review of the last 12 months of my blogging life. Kind of like how on your birthday you get to choose all your favorite foods and everyone else has to eat popcorn shrimp and licorice for dinner. Consider yourselves lucky that I don't make home videos.

January. I started blogging. And did a lot of experimenting with royal icing vs. fondant for cookie designs. And in the end...I decided that I couldn't decide. Really? How can you choose one of these weirdy guys over the other? I also did that one post about how to make your own cookie cutters starring that one bracket square cutter shaped thing.

February. I made some really ugly cookies. Goodness, that was kind of like my blog going through puberty. (Can I say that on a sugar blog? Is that weird for anyone?) Oh, and I also made a cake with a fish that was thinking about Wesley. And I met Haniela. What a great month. Except for the turning 30 part. And only getting a brownie. That I had to buy for myself. At a bake sale. In South Korea.

March. I made some shamrock cookies that ended up on Cakewrecks. And a lot of cookies with an egg cutter and most of them weren't even egg cookies. I bought some Ateco couplers (which you should TOTALLY do if you haven't already.) And made some sparkly cookies that I shipped to America. Oh, and I did some royal icing stenciling for the first time ever.

April. I made a cake with a dolphin that was a super-hero. And some cookies that LOOK like expensive cameo jewelry to send to my mother for Mother's Day.  And continued on in my chicky-cookie craze. And I got sick. Like every day of my life sick. And I thought it was because I was training for a marathon. But it wasn't.

May. I made some owls out of ghosts and some people out of fish. And I had to stop making chocolate cookies for a while. Because chocolate was seriously starting to gross me out. And I finally learned how to edit my photos. And I did NOT run the marathon.

June. I went to the beach. Like, an actual beach with sand and seashells and everything. And then I made some seashell cookies.  And my daughter got older. And I made her a cake that was a total mess. And Sesame Street came to South Korea, but it was more terrifying than exciting. Oooh, and I bought a bus. Okay, its actually a van, but all the schools in Korea paint them yellow and call them a bus. And that's what I bought. And I drive my family around in it. (But its not yellow, in case that information is important to you.)

July.  I made some cookies and talked about the 4th of July in the US and someone hated me for it. And I went to a barbecue and there was this big ol' confrontation at the grill. But then there was lots of baseball and water guns and everything turned out okay. AND...I finally told everyone that I was growing a child inside of me. You know, with cookies. Confessions are always better with cookies.

August. I set some kind of new record for making Halloween cookies early. And I added black food coloring to my chocolate cookie dough for some super easy, great tasting black cookies. And I put mustaches on apples. Because that seemed like a good idea to me.

September. I continued making more Halloween cookies than I ever thought possible, including some weird ones that should have been snowmen, but turned out to be pumpkin witches. I also participated in my first cookie exchange ever. And I gained like 20 pounds and drove all over Korea in my bus-van.

October. I dressed my cookies up in costumes and told you all my most embarrassing secrets. I made some "scarier" cookies because my sweet little boy decided he was going to go and get all grown up on me all of a sudden. And I talked about all the mean things people say to you when you are pregnant, except that they don't know they are being mean, and they are probably just trying to make awkward conversation. And I finished all my Christmas shopping.

November. I had a child. In a foreign country. And used eyeballs on 50% of my cookies.  But mostly, this month was filled with the new child.

December. I made some shiny aluminum Christmas trees. And I can't remember anything else. What is that saying? Any year that you can't remember is a good year. What? That's NOT how it goes? Eh. See you tomorrow.

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