simplest turkey cookies ever

You know how sometimes you spend hours and hours and HOURS doing something super special for someone you love and you go to 7 different stores on 3 different days to find exactly the right thing and you give up sleep and maybe get glue-gun burns and then they pay attention for 2.7 seconds and don't even say "thank you?" I hate that.

And then you whip something up super quick just to use some left-over pieces of whatnot and you put no thought or time in to it and this same person falls all over themselves saying how you are the greatest, smartest, most talented, beautiful and awesome person in the world? And then they shower you with love and candy? Yeah....I don't mind those days so much.

These cookies are kind of like that. (The second type. Not the first.) My young son is OBSESSED with these cookies. He just looks at them and starts giggling. He likes holding them and touching the eyeballs. (He IS after all, a BOY.) He says they are his very favorite chicken cookies. (We'll work on that whole chicken/turkey thing another day.)

They are incredibly simple to make, and I just used left over whatnots from the turkey-hand cookies.

Step 1. Bake a cookie. I used letters, but you could use squares or houses or flowers or....whatever. Really, don't stress yourself out so close to the holidays. Just reach in that bin of eternal despair where you have all the cutters you are pretending you're going to put back where they belong and grab one out.  Then flood the cookie with brown icing.

Step 2. Immediately drop on some of those left-over eyeballs and beak/gobblers whatnots. That's it. Done. You are loved and showered with candy. So easy.

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