Pumpkin Cookies for Grown Ups

Hey, when you were growing up, did your parents ever have one of those "Adults Only" parties? You know, where they invited all of their friends over and made you go to bed at 6pm. And to console you for not being able to attend, they promised that it wouldn't be any fun at all and you would hate it if you tried to come anyway? But you could HEAR them. And they were most definitely having FUN. And your parents always saved the FUN food for those parties. And you just KNEW that if you could sneak out there without them seeing you that you would most definitely have FUN and you would get to eat all that delicious, magical food before it turned back into normal, everyday food in the morning.

I think that if I am ever responsible and adult enough to have one of those parties for Halloween, I will make these cookies. And all my guests will drink out of glasses that are made of real, actual glass. No plastic cartoon character glasses for them. Oooh, and we'll have as much ice cream as we want. And maybe there will be a pinata. But it won't be filled with dum-dums and those orange and black peanut butter taffy candies. No way. My pinata will have full size candy bars and diamonds and stuff. And my kids will get to stay up until at least 6:30pm. And eat pizza under their blankets with flashlights. (Hey...I can do laundry in the morning.)

P.S. I have secret to tell you about silver and gold cookies. And it doesn't include luster dust. I use Americolor gold and silver airbrush colors. They are SO easy to use. No mixing. Just grab a brush and paint them right on to the royal icing and let it dry for 20 minutes. See? You love it, right?

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