pennant cookie banner

Sometimes I have what I consider to be a great idea. And then I have to make it right away. Because if I don't, I lie awake at night imagining all the other brilliant cookie makers having the EXACT SAME IDEA and doing it sooner than me and even better. Sometimes though, after I make it, I realize it wasn't actually that great of an idea. You know, like the time I made Easter Bunny ear headband wait, I never posted that. For good reason. But this one, I'm still totally in love with.

I wasn't even going to use a cutter for these cookies. I was going to take a pizza wheel and start cutting out pennant-like shapes. I was in a hurry, remember? No time to think about the fact that I own an ACTUAL pennant cutter. As it turns out...I couldn't get to my rolling pin without moving a whole bunch of cutters that needed to be put away. I realized that I was kind of tired of looking at them...and to be honest...the last time I did laundry, I lost one of them down the lint tunnel of despair and then spent all afternoon taking apart my dryer to find said cutter. know...definitely time to put them away. And I'm so glad I did because I found A PENNANT CUTTER!!

The best part about these is that you could make them for any reason at all. In fact, I almost did a "Welcome Baby" banner but then I got all stressed out about which colors to use because I was worried that my family would think I was making some kind of announcement when I wasn't. But YOU could make one. Or maybe a "Good Luck" banner or a "Try Not To Hate Me Because I Broke Your Favorite Ipod" banner.

...OR...a super cute HALLOWEEN COOKIE BANNER!! Seriously, it's a great idea. Don't even think about not liking it.


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